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When my AC fan motor seized up, Greg at Air Repair Heating and Cooling offered to help me replace it myself – he suggested a replacement part for $30. When I brought my broken part in, he was able to get it working. In the end, he refused to take money. We’d all have fewer problems if more businesses operated with such an attitude.



We purchased a user blower motor over a year ago. It saved us a huge amount. Thanks to Air Repair Heating and Cooling for looking out for us!


Auburn Hill

Air Repair Heating and Cooling is a great place to do business. Greg, the owner, made some duct work for me and it was perfect and at a reasonable price. He also made a house call once and the price for that was also reasonable. I’m more than sure based on some of his questions he figured out I was a retiree on a fixed income and charged me accordingly. I have recommended Air Repair Heating and Cooling in Waterford to many people and not one has had anything but good comments about this company.



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